Cutting Back in Fall


Your plants need to be cut back in the fall to protect them from what’s to come, and help them thrive in spring


Central Oregon weather is unpredictable, especially during the fall and winter months. An early frost can come at any time from late September to mid-October, and that is a good reminder that winter is coming! With snowy months ahead, cutting back shrubs and perennials is important to not only the look of your lawn but the health of your plants. Summer can bring everything from insect infestations to dried out debris and getting ready for another dramatic season change is essential to maintain your lawn and landscape.

The experts at Bend Lawn Service will determine how, when and what type of perennials and shrubs to cut back before the temperature drops. The type of vegetation you have will determine what type of work needs to be done. Cutting things too early can stimulate growth, using up too much energy and potentially keep the plant from coming back in the spring. A hard frost can hit the high desert anytime – keep your lawn protected by making an appointment today.

Protection from frost

Improvement in overall appearance during winter

Maximizes growth and blooming in spring