Orchard District



The Orchard District of Bend refers to the area just west of Pilot Butte, and was once (in the 1930’s) an apple orchard. The orchard was created as an experiment to see if the fruit could be successfully grown in the challenging climactic conditions of the area, and it failed, but it doesn’t mean you won’t find a broad array of plants, flowers, trees and grass thriving and well established. If you’re ever curious which plants can do well in Central Oregon conditions you don’t need to do much more than casually tour the Orchard District, and you’ll see just about everything here. Established neighborhoods are often the best illustrative example of what can thrive in a region. You’ll see everything from landscape styles dating back 50 years with large and colorful rose bushes, flowers and lush grass to more modern drought tolerant themes featuring minimal lawn and more ornamental grasses than turf. Whatever you have in your landscape, we can care for it. 

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