Leaves are great…when they’re still on the tree! Sure, kids and dogs might like playing around in piles of them but let’s face it, once they’re on the ground they can be a real cleanup headache. Thankfully, you have Bend Lawn Service to do the job for you! When fall rolls around and the leaves start coming down, do yourself a favor and give us a call so you can enjoy your time off instead of spending it raking and bagging.

Is your lawn overgrown, neglected, overrun with weeds, dehydrated or all the above? Your neighbors most assuredly are not big fans of that sort of thing, and we’re guessing you aren’t either. We’ve rehabbed more lawns and yards than we can count, so don’t worry, we’ve seen worse. Give us a call or text 541-390-8094 or fill out our contact form for a prompt and FREE bid.