Fall Cleanups in Bend, OR

Autumn has finally arrived in Central Oregon and while we all enjoy cooler temperatures, changing colors – systematic cleaning of leaves, pine needles, dry weeds and other debris is very important during this dramatic change of season. There’s no doubt that falling leaves are what make this time of year beautiful, yet too much build up can become unsightly and a lot of extra work.
Debris removal from your lawn will help its health by avoiding the problems associated with leaf compaction and added acidity to your soil, which can destroy turf and increase weed activity. Additionally, spores found on leaves can infect your soil by creating a layer of thatch which can create mold and fungus and infect other areas of your lawn.
Windy conditions during the fall brings more debris into your yard – removing them decreases fire risk as pine needles, leaves and tumbleweeds become loose, dry fuels and easily flammable. Bend Lawn Service makes sure your lawn gets maximum benefits from our fall clean up services. Call today to make your appointment.