Sprinkler Timer Setting


Too much (or too little) water can destroy your landscape


One of the most common problems we encounter is either a landscape that has been overwatered, or in a state of drought stress from an incorrectly set sprinkler timer. Timer setting should be done at the start of spring, summer and fall due to fluctuations in weather patterns and the varying needs of your landscape. It’s an easy thing for us because of our experience, but with as complicated as they can be we understand why so many homeowners have trouble with them. If you are an existing Bend Lawn Service customer we don’t charge to adjust your sprinkler timer, it is included in your maintenance service. We also don’t charge to set your timer if we perform a cleanup on your property. While we’re at it, we’ll even show you how to do it yourself down the road, if you care to know. In the event you aren’t a customer and don’t need any other services just give us a call or text at 541-390-8094 or Contact Us to arrange a visit for a nominal service charge.

Over or under watering are both equally problematic

Should be done at the start of spring, summer and fall

Free adjustments for our customers