Winter Lawn Care


a little goes a long way


The general opinion as to what should happen with a lawn in winter is to simply mow it a bit shorter than normal and forget about it until spring. Frankly, that’s correct. However, it should be noted that in order to ensure you have a nice lawn when spring time comes around you should consider doing a couple things in fall.¬†You want to make sure the lawn is healthy by fertilizing. This will help with root growth (a great deal of which occurs in late summer and fall), and promote overall toughness and health of the grass through winter.¬†Aeration helps relieve soil compaction and moisture retention through winter and is also a great idea in the fall. We offer both services, so if you find yourself short on time or inclination to do them contact us

Mow shorter than usual

Fertilize to help roots and promote health through winter

Aerate before winter